February 14, 2021

Jesus Knows the Heart of Man

John 2:23-25


Use these resources to worship with us at home!

Small Groups

Join us for Small Group! If you are interested in joining our small groups, please contact the church office here. Or contact Pastor Jonathan here.

Praise & Worship

Lift up your voice and sing with us! Each song's lyrics can be found by clicking on the icon above each song's title!

Come Praise & Glorify

Standing On The Promises

Who You Say I Am

Take My Life

Coming Soon!

John Graphic
John Graphic

John Graphic
John Graphic



ONLINE GIVING IS HERE! Use the buttons below to use Tithe.ly for online giving or to download the app to your smart phone. Offering and Tithes can also be dropped of at the church office, sent in the mail, or you can follow the instructions from our Finance Committee linked here! If you have questions, contact the church office! 


Tithe.ly allows you to give directly to NABC online. You can also download the Tithe.ly app to access online giving on your smart phone.

Sunday Resources

Whether you are watching live, holding Family Worship, or just want to revisit the points throughout the week, you can follow along with the message through the slides below.