We believe strongly in the power of prayer. The Bible teaches us that prayer is a tool that God has given us to GROW in our relationship with him, and live the Christian life victoriously. At North, we want all to experience the joy of prayer, and we have created several opportunities to do so:

Prayer and Worship Graphic
Wednesday Worship Service


It is important for the Followers of Christ to get together for the purpose of crying out to him in prayer on behalf of others. In our Wednesday night services, that is exactly what we do. We gather to worship and pray as we

  • Expect great things from the LORD

  • Encounter the LORD in amazing ways and

  • Enjoy him as we experience him.


We would love for you to join us for our midweek services every Wednesday Night starting at 6:30pm in the North Albemarle Sanctuary.

Prayer Team Graphic
Prayer Teams


God chooses to accomplish His will through the prayers of His people! In fact, God inspires those very prayers. Therefore prayer is foundational to every ministry at North. 


We would love to minister to our friends, neighbors and community  through prayer! If you have a prayer need please call the church office or you can email your prayer need here.