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Advancing The Kingdom

(November 4, 2018 - December 16, 2018)

God’s calling on us is always forward, never back.  The kingdom of God is always advancing.  Jesus promised that even though it starts small it will always grow large (Matthew 13:31-32), and not even Hell itself can stop it (Matthew 16:18).  In this final series, “Advance the Kingdom”, Pastor Brad will outline some of the guiding principles we must remember while seeing God advance His kingdom in our lives, church and world.

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(June 24, 2018 - September 2, 2018)

Forgiveness. There may not be a bigger key to experiencing the life of God than this. We are calling the series “Freedom” because that is exactly what forgiveness does, it sets you free! How you experience God’s forgiveness of you, and show that forgiveness to others, determines how much of God’s power and life you will walk in. Through this series we will see what forgiveness is and how we practically walk in it as the people of God. Get ready, its time to get free. 

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(April 22, 2018 - April 29, 2018)

Jesus’ desire is that His people would experience abundant life. However, often there are things in our lives that hinder us from living this to the fullest. One of those hinderances could be a stronghold. A stronghold is an ingrained mindset that stops you from walking in God’s word and will in your life. Join us as we examine what strongholds are, how they are formed, and what weapons God has given us to destroy them.

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(January 7, 2018 - February 11, 2018)

God’s kindness leads us to repentance, but what is repentance? What does it mean to repent?

In this series entitled "Return" we will see what repentance is,

how we repent, and what happens as a result of our repentance.

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(September 30, 2018 - October 14, 2018)

In Matthew 11 some followers of John the Baptist come to Jesus to find out if He is “the one”.  Jesus tells them to go back to John and tell him what they have seen.  The blind receive their sight and the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have good news preached to them (11:5).  Jesus uses the term “good news” to describe His message.  The term was used in describing the proclamation of a king’s victory in battle.  “Look what your king has done for you!  Look what he has given to you!”  This is how Jesus describes the news about Himself.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is far better than we realize.  The purpose of this series is to proclaim, Look what your king has done for you!  This is God’s Good News!”

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(May 20, 2018 - June 10, 2018)

When God created Adam and Eve He also created sexual intimacy to be enjoyed between them. However, the gift of sex has been misused and distorted by humanity like no other gift of God. Our hope for this series is for God to show us His plan for sex, expose some of the major ways this gift is being distorted, and empower us to recover His perfect design.

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(March 11, 2018 - Current)

As the people of Israel stood on the edge of the Promised Land they saw giants, armies and fortified cities.

There were many obstacles in their way. However, they had something bigger: a promise from God. As for us, we have been given the full, victorious life of Jesus Christ.

In this series entitled "Forward" we see how the people of Israel, and even us today, can live in God's promises. 

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